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Wedding Stationery

Meyer + Market has a collection of ready-made, semi-customizable and fully custom stationery suites to choose from. 


Meyer and Market has worked with small/start-up businesses as well as large corporate partners in areas such as: branding, logo design, event print material, social media strategy and web development. 

Unique Projects

Do you have a store front/windows that need a creative touch? Custom weekend itineraries for your guests? A hand painted leather jacket/bag for your event/photoshoot? Let's Chat.





Meyer + Market Co. started as a creative outlet for an over-caffeinated, workaholic (and perfectionist) in 2017. My initial intention for starting this business was self-serving; I was looking to fill free time and the space in my heart desperate to connect, create and give back to my community. What I was met with, were unique opportunities, relationships/partnerships, and challenges that I had only ever dreamed of. Clients have let me into their lives, their weddings, their vows - They've trusted me with their playbooks, their business plans, and ultimately, their success. It's these experiences that shed light on my passion for people, for the big and small details, and building a business and brand that I'm proud of.


2021 marks my fourth year of Meyer and Market and I am more in love with this work than ever before. I'd be honored to hear about your projects, design needs and/or wedding plans and assist you in bringing them to life.



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