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Meyer + Market has had the pleasure of working with an array of businesses, ranging in industries and sizes. From local schools, start up/online shops, to larger corporations such as Nike and iHeartMedia.


I love working with business owners/managers and find it to be such a unique and special opportunity/experience as I lean in and assist in telling the story of a brand.  



Services + Offerings


Save The Dates are a sweet and crucial part of the wedding stationery suites - In my mind, it sets the tone for the wedding theme/caliber. These items are created and sent 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. 

Popular features:

- Date + Location

- Wedding Website


+ Packaging

Invitations are created and sent to guests 2-3 months prior to the wedding date. 

Popular features:

- Date

- Venue Address

- Ceremony Time

- Attire

- RSVP date

- Wedding Website

Social Media


With the hopes of keeping the Invitation design clean/concise, the addition of a Detail(s) cards have helped clients communicate an additional areas/items of importance for their guests to know in advance. 

- Lodging/Hotel 

Web Design

Each suite is accompanied by standard A7 and A4 white envelopes with printed black ink (font determined by client, typically matching the suite).


Clients will have to provide guest list, addresses, etc. in the Meyer + Market excel book/layout.


Options for hand-lettering or calligraphy available for additional costs (time/supplies). 


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